What Was Actually Offensive About Jan Brewer

I want to explain to you here what was actually offensive about Gov. Jan Brewer’s tarmac confrontation with President Barack Obama. Pay attention now because this is the only place that’s going to get this right.

You’ve probably seen the photograph and I do not have time right this minute to steal it from the Internet. On an airport tarmac last week, Gov. Jan Brewer, who is a moron, accosted the President as he got off the plane in Arizona and handed him some stupid note that probably ended with yes no maybe check-boxes. The photo is of her waggling her finger in Obama’s face.

Many are saying that it’s offensive that she was so physical with the President of the United States, that it was a disrespectful gesture, that it was rude to be so combative with the leader of the free world. I agree with those things, but there was one thing nobody’s mentioned that was so utterly disrespectful to the office that it’s downright unbelievable.

The most valuable commodity that the President of the United States has to offer is access to the President of the United States. If you work in the White House, it is made clear how important you are by how close your office is to the Oval Office. Access to the office is what gives the Presidency its power. It is the currency of the Presidency.

Jan Brewer ambushed the President of the United States and, in the process, she stole from the Presidency. She did not secure an appointment to make her points with the President. She was not granted access to the President by the sheer importance of her business. She instead took advantage of what was supposed to have been a simple grip-and-grin photo opportunity and ambushed the President for some airing of grievances.

She might as well have just thrown a shoe at the guy.

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