A View From Deep Inside Zappastan

Seeing a few nice ornaments on the Zappadan tree lately. For example.

Ape Think offers a fantastic historical document: The start of the show at at the Montreaux Casino, Switzerland, December 4, 1971. Not only is it historically interesting, but it’s, how you say? Oh, yes. “Fuckin’ cool.”

There’s also a picture of Frank Zappa holding a cat.

In fact, hell, just go over to Ape Think and spend some time. That’s a blog that’s doing Zappadan like a Mother.

Likewise with Iranianredneck. Just go over there and spend some quality time, but in particular is a MIND BLOWING performance focusing on drummer Terry Bozzio.

Contingencies is all about the Zappa/Jack Kirby connection.

Rawrahs has me asking, why in the wide wide world of sports is a Pennsylvania State Trooper interviewing Mr. Zappa?

Who else is all over Zappadan? Tiny Little Circles, that’s who.

Under The Lobsterscope has been active as well, but in particular has a post with a rather nice insight, I think: Do you suppose Zappa was influenced by Spike Jones? Watch the Spike Jones clip and if you don’t end it by laughing out loud, you are a Cylon.

Shameless product placement: Do not forget to stop by Urantian Sojourn to pick up your very own package of Toaster Poot.

That’s the report from Zappastan.

If I missed you or if you want to brag about your brilliant Zappadan post, or if you just want to tell me to go fuck myself, please leave a comment. Thanks, and Merry Zappadan!

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