So Mitt Romney Walks Into a Diner

Presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney was probably pleased as heck to see Bob Garon sitting there when he walked into that little diner in New Hampshire. See, Romney didn’t go to Vietnam, instead he went to France, so the way it works is that when you’re a Republigoat candidate who didn’t go to war yourself but you are campaigning for the right to lead the Untied States’ armies into unnecessary and foolish military incursions, you want to have your picture made while you are standing or sitting next to actual veterans, because that courage rubs right off on you. This from a party that worked real hard to smear and discredit and poop all over an actual war hero, one John F. Kerry, whom I’m not even sure has ever been to France.

So as it turns out, Bob Garon was there enjoying breakfast with his husband. Awkward.

Here’s what happened when Garon started to challenge Romney, who eventually has to say to this veteran’s face, “I believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman,” a rather hilarious statement from a man who was descended from a polygamist.

This has been one lovely unintended consequence of the Republigoat nominating process: The issue of marriage equality has been placed squarely on the front burner, and every time it is, those who oppose it end up looking utterly stupid. Ricky Perry has already stepped in it, and now here has Willard Romney, and I can’t leave out my dear darling Michele Bachmann Overdrive, whom some at the Stephanie Miller Show have AWESOMELY dubbed “The Girl With The Faraway Eyes.”

Ms. Bachmann was at what looks like a completely empty book signing, when this mama pushed her kid up to her to say something to her that wasn’t coached or cajoled from the little one at all, nope, but still, the moment is precious to see the look of horror on the candidate’s face. His clearly not -pre-prepared message was, Ms. Bachmann, my mom is gay but she doesn’t need fixing. No, he wasn’t put up to this, not at all.

Regardless that he’s got a stage mom, the fact remains that this issue is ABOUT Elijah. It’s what drives me crazy about it. These assholes talk as if they’re discussing some abstract notion. There’s nothing abstract about it. Elijah is a real kid who lives in a society that casts aspersions and doubts upon his family just because his mama’s sexual preference is not the same as it is for most of us. Kids like him, those are the folks who are hurt in this whole debate. So go ahead and tell me that those mamas just shouldn’t get to raise a family, and I’ll dare you to enforce that policy and then convince me you’re not rooting for fascism.

If you’re against marriage equality, you’re against Elijah. It’s that simple.

P.S. Are they aware of the jokes that this child will be subject to? “Way to show up for dinner, Elijah!” Eh?

P.S.Again. If you’re even remotely serious about being Preznit, should you be on a book tour? Really?

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