The Leftblogistan Zappadan iPhone ‘App’

Zappadan AppI’ve put it in scare quotes because it’s not really an app. It’s a Web site. But, it uses iui to make it look like an iPhone app.

I initially started it to help me stay up to date on what the Zappadan bloggers are up to so I can keep the @Zappadan tweets up to date more readily. But now I’m thinking hell, why not share it?

Point your Safari (or Android I reckon) browser over to Am currently listing the blogs I have down in the Zappadan 2010 liszt. If you intend to observe and would like to be listed on this little tool, leave a comment, please. (Or if you’re in there and you’d rather not be, you can let me know that, too, ya scrooge.)

Zappadan. Begins. On Sunday.

3 thoughts on “The Leftblogistan Zappadan iPhone ‘App’”

  1. My blog, …Like Dancing About Architecture, always features a Zappadan post or two, and I am working up some Zappanian blather for the upcoming season. I’d love to be included on the list for Zappadan. Thanks.

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