We’re All For The Occupy Wall Street Protests

Sometimes, I think there’s value in just saying something in pure black-and-white even if it’s pretty damned obvious.

Last night, well, I mean early this morning since my day job requires my presence until the wee hours, Papa Bonk and I are huddled around the cathode nipple watching Ketih Olbermann detail the stunning developments in the Occupy movement. They said there might have been as many people as 35,000 people marching across the Brooklyn Bridge last night, Keith reported. Not only that, but Keith was also telling us about Occupy surges in Washington D.C., where an Occupy committee has come up with a national budget plan of its own; in Seattle, and in other places all over the country.

We commented to each other and I think the feeling is mutual; Papa Bonk and I are both somewhat flabbergasted, in a good way, about the sheer awesomeness of the Occupy movement. And we both think it is good for these Untied States of America.

See, historically, when electoral politics fails us, it’s up to movement politics to pick up the ball and move it forward.


This country is long overdue for radical policy reforms to help us recover from the terrible ideas spouted by right-wing extremist idealogues, this horrible idea that the “free market,” a mythical unicorn-like animal that lounges in fields of azure and smells like cinnamon and poops gold, is the only acceptable model for distributing goods and services, period. We need a government that once again says to the nation’s industrialsts, look, you can either invest some of your excess profits into your company in infrastructure and hiring, or we’ll take it and use it to fix the roads that you fucked up with your big trucks. Your choice.

Rather than where we are now, where we say to them, listen, you can either invest some of your excess profits into your company in infrastructure and hiring, or you can put it in your pocket and walk away.

That’s the deal, and that’s what they’re marching about. That’s the agenda. And I keep thinking that a smart national political leader would see that parade, grab the baton, and get out in front of it. But that’ll be the day.

By the way, nearly everything I wrote in this entry I stole shamelessly via paraphrase from radio show host Thom Hartmann. Thanks, Thom.

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