Obamacare Measures Supremes’ Loyalty

Hype about the Supremes agreement to hear the Obamacare cases has me thinking about true loyalties among the Supremes. You would like to think the highest court in the land is a bastion of integrity and loyalty to the law and the Constitution. That of course is bullshit.

News of Clarence Thomas and Antonio Scrolio having dinner with the Federalist Society law firm that represents the opposition to Obamacare is no surprise. These guys are unprincipled scum. Thomas in particular owes most of his fortune to right wing zillionaires. His wife earns big bucks running one of the Koch Brothers’ lie machines, and his personal career is indebted to Monsanto. Scrolio is a blowhard “intellectual” whose adoption of the “originalist” doctrine to the service of modern corporations has proven what a farce it is. Their devotion to right wing ideology is unshaken and certainly they are guaranteed votes against health care.

Can’t be too sure about the others. Anthony Kennedy still tries to be a centrist on some issues. Like the court’s four “liberals” he will have a hard time voting against the precedent in which Obamacare is grounded. So we may count on a five vote margin right there.

I am thinking we might also see a vote or two from the young corporate appointees, Roberts and Alito. These guys never knew a rich corporate advantage they could not like, and certainly there is one in Obamacare. Above all, the bill grants the insurance industry an entire new market… millions of uninsured who will HAVE to be insured under the new law. While the insurance industry made lots of noises against the bill, most of that was posturing. The most powerful lobby in Washington could have killed the bill. The fact that they did not is a sure sign it has a lot of goodies in it for them.

Thus, there is a good chance Obamacare will remain standing after Supremes vote. It may even be by a comfortable margin.

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