Occupy Wall Street

Things I think while worrying about when the government will become so threatened by the Occupy Occupation that someone… probably more than one someone… will be killed in an effort to quell enthusiasm for the movement. …

I was thrilled at the site of Oakland shutting down the waterfront; thousands, including a troop of veterans, marching in the streets of New York; more thousands standing up in Tulsa and Denver and Rochester and Atlanta. I feel guilty not being there… maybe I will join.

Kudos to Rachel Maddow for an excellent tutorial on the 1946 general strike!

The movement appears to sustain itself on the energy of a handful who are coordinating and organizing and channeling the energies of all these righteously angry Americans. The level of organization is remarkable. It brings to mind the work of the folks who coordinated the Battle in Seattle, the 1999 shut down off the World Trade Organization talks (see the movie if you have not). Whoever is keeping this together… more power.

I was concerned a couple of nights ago when spokes volunteers started talking like old line commies. The Oakland woman talked about how Capitalism is a failed system. In Rochester the group refused to meet with the mayor because the collective wanted to be addressed as a whole. We all agree pure capitalism is a myth. However, I still believe regulated capitalism is the most effective path to prosperity and justice.

On the other hand, I admired the position of the New York spokes person who responded to a question about rumors of the police sending homeless and indigent persons to Zucotti Park. “It’s irrelevant,” he said, “homeless and indigent people are citizens too. They are homeless and indigent because they have been marginalized by the system. They are part of us. They are welcome.”

Most surprisingly, the main stream media seems to have concluded that the Occupy Occupation does have a coherent message. Opposition to undue influence of the rich and corporate interests on government seem to be universally accepted by the press as the reason for the protest. A fairly good summary however they arrived at it.

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