You Can Cut the Cheese Without a License

Mostly I am writing this so I can use the headline, but it is true. In New York it is now legal to cut the cheese without a license.

It seems the State Department Of Agriculture had a rule that anyone who cut cheese for consumption had to have a license that cost $400. They had not enforced it much until they noticed that craft cheese makers at farm markets were cutting the cheese and selling it on the spot. After much public outcry… and probably a note from the Governor, who has made a point of bitching about New York’s over regulation… the DOA relented and agreed it will rescend the rule… at least as it applies to farm marketers.

One other note, I nearly missed this story because the headline in the local paper said “State OKs Cheese Slicing.” An opportunity to make a really bad joke missed by some fool editor with no sense of humor.

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