The Blind Shepard

Bishop Robert Finn of the Kansas City Arch Diocese has become the first American Catholic Bishop to be indicted for covering up sexual abuse of children. Kudos to District Attorney Jean Peters Baker for having the guts to bring an action against the church, which has made a policy of covering up for pedophile priests.

This is an unusual case for the church in that the priest involved, The Rev. Shawn Ratigan (See KIAV ) had a predilection for little girls. Bishop Finn, a noted conservative, had previously settled a number of pedofile lawsuits and promised to promptly report incidents in the future. In this case, however, he apparently knew about Ratigan for a year before reporting anything.

Now here is the thing. Bishop Finn is staying on the job. He says he has a busy pastoral schedule and all, so he can’t possibly step down. Like the flock needs a half blind shepard. Or some pedophile priest in Westport needs protection.

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