Give Me Convenience or…

The words come from an unlikely context and from an unlikely man for this blogger. It is an impassioned call to war from a Founding Father who led opposition to the Constitution’s ratification. But I maintain that its sentiment means, specifically, that what’s going on in Georgia tonight is fundamentally un-American.

He is reported to have said, “Give me liberty or give me death,” words credited with urging Virginia into the Revolutionary War. The phrase, though, runs deeper than 1775. It is, I think, the essence of the founding spirit of these Untied States of Amurcka. And it is why I believe that what they want to do in Georgia tonight to Troy Davis runs against the very core of what America is.

If we are truly a country that values liberty more than life itself, then the ultimate punishment the state should possess is that of depriving you of your freedom. Not your life.

There are dozens of reasons to oppose the death penalty. I count highest among them that every execution makes Patrick Henry a god damned liar.

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