Heck of a Job

I was, perhaps, too harsh on our local fire squad recently. While I still am leery of that sentiment, it occurs to me that this house may have actually sent some people down there for rescue and cleanup. Might have lost a few as well. I am still leery of the sentiment. But they are by no means “assholes.”

September Eleventh pisses me off, though. Impeachment hearings should have followed these attacks immediately; it is clear that the then- president failed to do his job. It was, in fact, the most spectacular failure of any president in history, but it was manipulated so adroitly as to avoid exacting any political price for that failure. He in fact would fail just as spectacularly several times in his presidency, causing that presidency to be the overseer of at least THREE apocalyptic events in the United States. All that and yet Bush defenders went down to the end claiming that their Preznit had “kept us safe,” even in some instances denying that he’d been in the office on this day. That is how insane you have to be as a Republigoat these days. You have to defend the guy who was on watch on 9/11 and you have to deplore the guy who ended up being on watch when we shot bin Laden in the eye.

And where by the way are the similarly genuflecting pronouncements regarding this Democratic administration? Obama has “kept us safe”; in fact, he has proven a much more serious, muscular leader toward that end than the Smirking Chimp could ever have dreamt of being. So, where are these pronouncements? They’re not necessary. We don’t feel the need to jump to a hyper-defense of this president. He has not allowed aeroplanes to fly into buildings on his watch. He has not allowed Americans to drown in their own attics. He has not allowed the economy to leap off a cliff. We often lament here that Obama could do more, but by gods, he hasn’t been the hideous incompetent that the last guy was. I think that contrast is never more clear than on a day like today, on a day of remembrance.

But Bush isn’t the only one who has so many people working to lie on his behalf to make him look awesome despite his boobish incompetence. Behold Rudolph Giuliani’s jackass grin in this week’s Newsweek, heralded in those pages still as “America’s mayor,” even though his foolish planning, his insistence on placing his bunker AT the World Trade Center and his failure to fix NYC emergency communications even after the 1993 attack, likely cost lives. Rumsfeld, Cheney, even Rice (who was due on 9/11 to speak on the subject of missile defense)0 I’m sure, all will get another shot at the media, to obsfucate, to excuse, to gloss over.

I am this morning watching the MSNBC re-run of it’s coverage from that day. Morbid, yeah, maybe. I dunno. I find something comforting in it. And I can’t help wonder if George W. Bush on a day like today reviews coverage like this and looks himself in the mirror and is like, “heck of a job, George.”

What do ya think?

One thought on “Heck of a Job”

  1. The fact that these sonsabitches are not rotting in jail for treason pisses me clear the fuck off.
    RICO if nothing else.

    I do notice none of these fucking bastards have even tried to book a vacation out of the states.
    That speaks volumes to me.

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