The Real Loser In Wisconsin

The real loser in yesterday’s elections was President Barack Obama.

He lost an opportunity. Again. WTF is going on at the White House that nobody there is seeing that?

For both political and policy reasons, the President’s one and only mission right now should be changing the message from the deficit and the debt ceiling to jobs.

These elections this week were about jobs.

Again, this blogger asks, why in the wide wide world of sports wasn’t the President in Wisconsin this week? I know it would be unorthodox for the President to put his weight behind candidates for a state legislature.

But these are not orthodox times.

Wisconsin set the stage. It cued the lighting, it painted and fussed over the set and made sure everything was just perfect for the show. The main player just simply didn’t show up. Wisconsin would have been a hell of a place to get the spotlight where it needs to be and a hell of a place to score some campaign trail points.

Meanwhile, Congress has established a system for deficit reduction that guarantees it’s all we’ll be talking about for a good long while. What’s in the news today? Oh, the Republigoats announced their picks for the “super-Congress,” a concept that I think should be scrutinized pretty good for its Constitutional muster, by the way.

Are you hearing about jobs yet? Yeah. Get used to that.

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