Obama Can’t Swim With the Sharks

You won’t find it on any mainstream news outlet, but check out Comedy Cental where John Stweart has once again proven to be the best journalist in America.

Last night, Stewart aired a clip from a 2010 press conference in which a reporter from National Journal asks President Obama why he does not bundle the debt ceiling with the extension of Busch tax cuts. Obama, surprised, as though it had never occurred to him, asks for clarification. The young Turk responds that the debt ceiling is sure to be the next issue and the tax cuts provide the President leverage to get the ceiling raised.

The President answered that he takes John Boner at his word, and no responsible American would hold the nation’s debt ceiling hostage to make political points.

So, either no one in the White House had thought far enough ahead to consider the next battle on the horizon… the debt cap… OR Obama is incredibly gullible. Did he actually discuss the matter with Boner, and did Boner actually promise it would not be an issue?

Either way, it explains why Obama is unable to compete in this shark tank with smarter, faster and meaner GOOP leadership. It also makes it clear that the current president is inadequate to the job.

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