He Said GOOP!!

Yes. On his first Countdown on Current Television, Keith Olbermann actually referred to the party that has a majority in the House of Representatives as the GOOP. And on tonight’s show, in the Worst Persons segment, he called Newty Gringo a GOOPER. KEITH ARE YOU READING THIS? YOU OWE ME!!

As our regular reader knows I have for years refused to call any member of the party that opposes the President’s Party anything but GOOPer, and I always refer to the opposition party as GOOP. I never really said what the letters stand for, but generally I mean the Grand Old Obstructionist Party, or the Grand Old Obstreperous Party or something like that.

I reserve the term Republican to refer to persons who historically are identified with the Republican Party and who had some sense of decency and fair play, and who participated in the political process out of what appeared to be a concern for good government. I do not think there are any Republicans left today. Gerry Ford may have been the last great Republican.

I am happy to see Keith back on the air and I am happy to report that his show is definitely better, edgier, and more honest than ever before. You don’t know how much he must have been censored at MSNBC until you watch the new show. There is a difference.

And I am also pleased to note that Keith, or one of his staffers, has decided to call a GOOPer a GOOPER. You are welcome to the word. However, I think a little credit… maybe an occasional guest talking head appearance, would be in order.

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