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I have been watching CBS news regularly in the last few weeks so I can get a feel of what the masses are getting in the way of news. What I learned is this: they don’t get much.

There is no problem with slant or bias… the evening news half-hour is as close as you can get to the middle of the road. The problem is just time. There is not enough if it. They can’t possibly tell a story in depth because there is not time to do it, and so what they do is just tell you the headlines. And they don’t have the staff of energy to enterprise, so they rarely break news of their own unless it is related to a CBS News Poll, which is not news in fact but mostly political BS.

Today the big story is Leon Panetta and how he is being approved by the Senate and how the GOOP is having a love fest over him and all. Not much of a story really. Panetta has spent so much time in Washington he would be a shoe-in on a normal year, but after having been the hero of the killing of Osama Bin Laden he is dead cert to get a pass thorough the normal hassle most everyone.

Here is an idea, how about a story about all the appointments that don’t get approved because the GOOP is playing politics with appointments? How about a look at the appointments that have not been approved.

In addition to dozens of federal judges that have not been processed, there are Office of Consumer Protection (Elizabeth Warren), The Commerce Secretary (John Bryson), A Federal Reserve Board member (Peter Diamond), a 9th Circuit Judge, (Goodwin Lui), The COnptroller of the Currency, head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Council of economic Advisors, Office of financial research, and dozens more positions not filled, mostly because of GOOP intransigence.

Warren is opposed because the GOOP does not believe in Consumer Protection. Bryson because Sen.Graham is mad about some related appointment. Diamond because the GOOP believes does not want any more Nobel Laureates in government… he has withdrawn his name in disgust. Lui is vilified for telling the truth about that scumball Justice Antny Alito.

The list goes on and is senseless and is the hallmark of what The GOOP believes about Government. It’s a good story, and one that should be told nightly on every main stream newscast.

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