1,000 Maniacs

Leon Panetta recently warned Congress that there are still 1,000 Al Queda operatives in Iraq. That’s 1,000. Not 996 or 1123. It’s 1,000 and he is damned certain of it. We should be scared shitless I guess. We still have that many there.

The message is we still need to spend zillions of dollars in Iraq and sure as hell can’t slow down much in Afghanistan where they have Al Queda AND Taliban bastards still hanging out, regardless of Bin Laden being dead and all.

Next thing you know Panetta and Obama will be dragging out the alert levels to scare the crap out of soccer moms and used car dealers with ominous sounding Red Alerts and Orange levels. If we have that many Al QUeda to worry about over there, what, after all, is the likelihood that we have even more here?

Here is a notion. Let the Iraqis take care of the 1,000 Al Queda over there and if they can’t do it maybe they should learn to live with it. Then let us focus on actual terror threats to the USA, Moslem Zealots and right wing crazies who have caused almost as much death and destruction in the USA as any Al Queda terrorist, and who are better organized and in some ways crazier.

Let’s try to make peace and happiness here. Spend less of our money and let someone else police the world for a while. Let the MIddle East shake itself out at Saudi expense if necessary. Let them , grow up or go back to the dark ages. Let the Chinese move in over there. They are good at straightening out fanatics.

Yes. There may be a time down the road when there will be a fully muscled Moslem Cailiphate or a China dominated middle east that we have to stand up to. We should always keep our intelligence sharp and our powder dry. But if we piss away our resources on 1,000 maniacs in Iraq, they will roll right over us anyway.

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