Bring Out the Schnitzel!

Anthony Weiner is married to a woman named Huma, so I thought, when he refused to state that the picture at issue was not of his weener… that maybe he and his wife had a little joke by text, since she works at State and is never around. Like every Weiner needs a little Humma.

Now I am disappointed that Anthony is in deep shit over this, and have to confess I don’t quite get the thing with the text sex and all. Not of my generation, I guess. We preferred our sex up close and personal. Maybe old style sex is just not popular anymore. Check out David Vitter, whose quaint visits to a Washington DC massage parlor have all but been forgotten, and which never really stirred up Weiner-sized media frenzy.

Now there is another opportunity for the GOOP to demonstrate just how hypocritical it can be. David Vitter not only did not resign, but got re-elected. John Ensign refused to resign until the Ethics Committee made it clear they would indict him. Larry Craig refused to resign and stayed to the end of his term. All of them may have violated laws (Ensign’s rap sheet is a page long, Vitter is a likely candidate for a solicitation charge. Craig pled to solicitation.) Not a noise from the self-righteous GOOP, which defended their rights to stay put. Needless to say the GOOP is all over Weiner, demanding his resignation and an investigation.

For that reason only… assuming there are no more surprises lurking out there, I want see Anthony attack the bastards and fight it out on this line all summer. My guess is an aggressive counterattack will win him his seat in 2012.

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