How Firm is the Line in the Sand?

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the Confederacy of Dunces steaming mad about something the President said. This is particularly true when what they are mad about is that, for the first time in my memory, the President actually took a tough position consistent with the fundamental principles of the Democratic Party.

Word is that John Boehner and Co. all felt that President Obama snookered them into attending the first rally of his 2012 campaign. Maybe so. I think they are also pissed because they are so used to the President asking, “how high” when they say “jump.”

I heard two pretty laughable claims by the GOOP noise machine that are worth mentioning. The first that The President’s speech was just a political statement and unnecessarily politicizes the budget debate. Duh! As though Paul Ryan’s proposed budget was a reasoned, well considered analysis, merely a suggestion intended to solve a real problem. Yeah. Ryan’s proposal is a mish-mash of silly GOOP theories and fake math that makes a clear political statement… the GOOP favors fat cats and screw everyone who is not rich.

The second GOOP claim was more of the same, but sillier. It says that Obama did not offer a real budget. That, of course, depends on what the standards are. If you mean a real budget as in 2,000 or so pages with numbers and spread sheets and such, this was not a real budget. So where is Ryan’s real budget? Now, if you are looking for a proposed approach to the budget that states positions on revenues and targets places where the budget can be cut and tells you how much deficit fixing you are looking for, this does a pretty good job. Certainly it is in the same ball park as the thing that the GOOP has been calling a budget, except that it includes no Voo Doo economics and the numbers are actually based on real math.

OK maybe one more point. As Brady pointed out recently, it’s not about spending, it’s about revenues. Unless, of course, your goal is to kill the federal government. Then it’s not about spending either, it’s about how quickly you can get the lights shut out and go home. It’s about how quickly you can turn everything over to the Corporate Masters so they can run your lives, pay your grandchildren slave wages and destroy the environment so they can make more money. Goodby American Democracy, Hello Corporate Plutocracy. That is what the battle is really about.

So I am happy the GOOP is pissed off, and I am happy the President is actually taking a stand on grounds I can support. Next question is how long will this stand last. How much is he willing to give up for the inevitable compromise. Maybe we can replace Medicare with a better voucher program than the one that the GOOP is offering. Maybe we can get rid of the EPA in exchange for keeping the Department of Education… minus Pell Grants (named for a Republican Senator from Rhode Island).

I am at this point most skeptical about the President. He drew a line in the sand this week.  Does he intend to fight it out on that line until the war is won?

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