Good Old Liberal Media Bias

I had to read the lead in the news story several times before I understood it. That is because the lead so mischaracterized the actual facts that it took a while to sink in. Here is the lead from this morning’s AP:

“House Republicans adamant that the government keep its hands off the internet passed a bill Friday to repeal federal rules barring internet service providers from blocking or interfering with traffic on their networks.”

The phrase “government keep its hands off” is GOOP code for “evil regulators ate my baby,” while net neutrality is a concept that protects the public’s access to the internet. If the government did not regulate in this area, the cost of information access would go way up, and we would be paying massive corporations for what we now get for free.

The AP goes on to put the GOOP’s peculiar spin on the net neutrality rules, restating the GOOP position that the FCC does not have the authority to regulate internet access, and noting that the GOOP disputes “the need to intervene in an already open internet and warned the rules would stifle investment in broadband systems.”

Of course the internet is only open now because the FCC has prohibited the megacorporations that control the system from putting a price tag on every service. And this has nothing to do with broad band systems investment. What happened is the megacorporations realized that the gadget market has just about reached the edge of its expandabilty. Buyers can’t use much more speed and storage capacity and the App market is out of control. The only place left to make mega money is in putting new fees on actual internet access.

The corporate world wants to squeeze more money out of Internet … a system devised and built with taxpayer funds… and the GOOP, always willing to schill for corporate greed, is happy to help. So why is the AP schilling for the big money boys, too? One Blogger blames it on Cox Communications, a big internet service provider with roots in the news business. In fact the AP, controlled by the major newspaper chains, has a built-in conflict of interest on this issue.

Bottom line is you can’t trust anyone any more, not even the AP. There is no substitute for personal research and clear thinking.

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