The War Is STILL Stupid

I have been silent here for some time; am adjusting to a new situation in life. However, I would be remiss if I did not make this brief point before I dash off to my new day job:

The United States and Britain have just handed Gaddafi exactly what he needs.

His most recent political struggle is no longer about his brutal attempt to quash an uprising. It is now about his persecution by a western superpower. His recent fumbling of his peoples’ hearts and minds will be readily recovered. We had better manage to drive Gaddafi from power. And when we do, we had best prepare for a godawful clusterfuck.

Our strikes in Tripoli are just the latest in a long series of missteps in this nation’s attempts to navigate in the Arab world. What we ought to be doing is doing everything in our power to reclaim our economic independence from these assholes so we can stop getting entangled in bullshit like this. What we are doing, even under The Obama, is to continue with the horrible, awful, shitty policies of the previous Preznit.

War. Still stupid. Solar panels on the White House. Now that was smart.

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