Money for Nothing

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has just adopted a new slogan. They went to a lot of trouble for it, having an election where people got to vote on the final product and everything. Here is what they came up with: “No Tea for Me, Thanks, I Prefer Progress.”

That’s a zinger ain’t it? Jumps right off the page at you. In the history of campaign slogans it’s right up there with “A Chicken in Every Pot” and “Happy Days are Here Again.” Wowzer! Sure glad to see the Democratic Senate people are so hip and with it. In touch with the masses and all.

I did not vote in the slogan contest. I had my own suggestions that I think more closely reflect what the DSCC is all about. Here is one: “We Honor the Corporate Leaders.” “What’s Good for GM is Good for America.” Or how about: “We are Not Exactly Republicans” or “I’m Not Not licking Republicans.” Or this popular tune, “We Are Not Really Liberals.”

I am still getting calls from the DSCC asking for money, and I am giving stern lectures to the minimum wage earners they pay to make the calls on what it means to be Progressive. That means you support jobs in the USA by supporting labor and encouraging taxation and trade policies that keep jobs here. You support heath care for all. You support government regulation of the financial services industry, criminalization of white collar crime, equal rights for everyone, including the GLBT community. You want a rational immigration policy. You support environmental protection, clean water and clean air. You are opposed to most wars and prefer to see taxes spent on education. You support the bill of rights for everyone, not just evangelical Christians. I could go on, but you get the picture.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee supports only a handful of people I would call progressive (Al Franken, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar) and a larger handful of people who should caucus with the GOOP (Ben Nelson, Joe Manchin, Bill Nelson, Mark Pryor). I no longer give money to the Democratic Party, and only maintain a membership because I am active locally and there is no conflict with my PDA meetings.

If you get the idea that I don’t think the Democratic Party, particularly the President (I worked for) and his gang of Wall Street Ivy Leaguers, any longer represents my interests, you are correct. Moreover, I don’t think they have the best interests of the nation at heart. The Party of Roosevelt and Truman and Jimmy Carter has become the party of money.

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  1. You’ve just written the funniest goddamn thing you’ve written in like seven years! I love when that happens. Very nice.

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