The Bizarre Deification of Ronald Wilson Reagan

Well, Papa Bonk has covered a lot of material this morning regarding today’s commemoration of the 100th birthday of one Ronald Reagan. I don’t know about you, but I find the whole thing to be, well, bizarre.

Doesn’t it smack a little of “Weekend at Bernie’s” to you?

Except that instead, while propping up Bernie’s corpse through a number of madcap situations, Larry and Richard wax on about how Bernie single-handedly defeated the Soviet Union and made government smaller and cut taxes and all sorts of other fabrications.

Something like that.

When it comes to Reagan, it’s easy to get lost in all the parsing. Some of us approach it by seeming to try to claim him as one of our own: See? Reagan wanted to rid the world of nukes! He wasn’t all that “conservative!” Others choose to swim against the Reagan renovation tide, working in detail at debunking the man, his era, and his record.

That’s nice. But we could be here through Easter. And. As noted. PB already did a bunch of that.

For me, the issue is more simple. Everything this country is experiencing right now, the economic downturn, the dwindling middle class, the culture of deregulation, any and all of it can be laid at the feet off the Reagan era. Before Reagan, most Americans looked at the notion that free-wheeling economics was a moral imperative that could do magick as a crazy, outrageous notion that even H.W. called “voodoo economics.”

After Reagan, it’s apparently common wisdom.

There was a revolution, all right. And boy, was it a steaming pile of crap.

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