Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain

Here I am at a juice bar in Northeasst Oklahoma, the nearest available actual access to the internets. They have very good sandwiches and smoothies, and they are pretty skeptical about this Presidential election.

The best of them think Pappy McWeirdsmile is a liar and a nincompoop, but are skeptical that Obama is the real deal. They would like to vote for Obama, but they see a Beltway hero made in Hollywood. Too good to be true. Too young to be good.

The worst of them don’t like Ole Pappy either. He is not crazy enough for them. They do not believe that he will keep his promise to make all young girls submit to chastity examinations quarterly, and put the Bible back into the Constitution. They don’t trust any of the new promises he made to get to where he is now.

The middle here may be scared spinsters and farmers guarding their subsidy checks. Obama looks better for their wallets… he has a good history on the farm subsidy circuit. But if you scare hell out of them, they will run for the safety of crazy old farts who wear flag pins and can remember how to salute.

I saw one car with Obama stickers all over it, and I think we can be sure of three Obama votes within throwing distance of this cafe. And I have seen a number of Ron Paul yard signs. Maybe the stalking horse will save us all.

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