State of the Battle Plan

I thought President Obama did a nice job on the State of the Union. I also think Brady is right. This is a pretty conclusory business plan.

It is not that all the steps between now and actually meeting the education and infrastructure and green jobs goals are not spelled out. You do not expect such details in a State of the Union speech. It’s just that we all know that the steps necessary to actually implement anything the President asked for must be approved by a Confederacy of Dunces. The House of Representatives will ensure that nothing looking vaguely like the President’s plan will get out of Congress. Moreover, the President himself has promised budget cuts so vast that the plan itself seems entirely self contradictory.

It is almost as though the President, having studied the GOOP strategy of saying bullshit and insisting it is true, has concluded that it to be a smart strategy. The President’s plan sounds as grand as a plan can sound, but nothing much will come if it in the 112th Congress. Which is probably exactly what the President expects.

In truth, Obama gave less a State of the Union address than a battle plan for the 2012 election. Tax the rich, tax the oil companies, build infrastructure, support green energy and small business. Don’t fuck with Obamacare.   Make government more efficient.  Cut regulation. That will be the mantra for the next two years.

I am for (most of) it. It’s a good line to stand and fight on. Obama’s track record, however, has been less than stellar when it comes to standing his ground. I am getting in the trenches now. Wonder if Obama will be there in 2012.

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