Debra Kadabra/Francisco Can’t Come To The Door Right Now

From Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography:

Zappa and Beefheart got into some very esoteric collaboration while on tour, resulting in such songs as ‘Debra Kadabra’, which opens Bongo Fury and is a reference to an ill-timed trumpet line in Chano Ureta’s 1961 Mexican sci-fi movie The Braniac. Zappa: ‘Oh God, it’s one of the worst movies ever made; not only is the monster cheap, he’s got a rubber mask that you can see over the collar of the guy’s jacket and rubber gloves that don’t quite match up with the sleeves of his sport coat. When the monster appears there’s this trumpet lick that isn’t scary. It’s not even out of tune, it’s just exactly the wrong thing to put there, it doesn’t scare you…That’s what the song is about and when you hear in the background DA-DA-DA-DA-DAHH, that’s making fun of that stupid trumpet line that’s in that movie.’

A sample:

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