RIP Elizabeth Edwards

I think it’s especially worthy to note that Elizabeth Edwards checked out without a single praise Jesus or Thank the Lord or other corn pone moralizing. She could have done it and still been regarded highly by the most jaded sanctimonious liberal. She was a Southern Woman, you know, and Southern women are forgiven for adhering to Christian forms.

I also note here that there was something about Elizabeth that spanned the political divide. She was never a candidate and she was not a rock star, but her death made big, front page headliines in many out of the way newspapers. Maybe because her hisband was a cad. Maybe because she had class.

Certainly this was a quiet passing. No cannonization as we had for the Raygunner, no daily glitz like we saw for Michael. A dignified and appropriate few moments for a woman who underscored the best in us liberals and earned the respect of all others.

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