According to Barry Miles’ Zappa: A Biography, Frank Zappa’s first attempt at moving out of his parents’ house was a failure. A project to write a movie score had fallen through. He was broke.

In desperation he called his mother and told her he was starving. She despatched (sic) [his younger brother] Bobby on the bus to Los Angeles with a bag of toiletries, food, clean clothes and $50—enough to last for some time. However, not long afterwards, Zappa collapsed with a duodenal ulcer and had to return to the bosom of his family. Though the illness was painful, he liked its name and his album Lumpy Gravy has a track called ‘Duodenum’.

Which gives me an excellent excuse to re-post one of my favorite Zappadan finds from 2009: The Persuasions performing “Duodenum.” The way I see it, Barry, this should be a very dynamite show.

One thought on “Duodenum”

  1. Thanks for all the postings. The Persuasions version of Duodenum is a great treat. I knew them from Zappa’s Universe, but I haven’t heard this before. I’ll be tracking their album down to see if it contains more gems like this.

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