A Unique Breed

Ruth Marcus has an excellent column today, one that bears out the notion I often espouse, that the “conservative” movement here in America is a unique and rabid critter indeed.

Marcus takes a brief peek at the conservatives who now run Britain.

The difference between the British conservative leaders and the ones we’re stuck with in the United States is the difference between rational conservatism and magic-wand conservatism.

Again: Today’s Republigoat Party would sic a lynch mob on Barry Goldwater and would make Ronald Raygun sit in a corner wearing a funny hat. This party is no more “conservative” than I am a boston terrier. Which is why I was pleased to see Jon Stewart ask Eric Cantor last night whether or not there would be a place for Ronald Raygun in today’s Republigoat party. Cantor, of course, tap-danced around the question. But it is worth noting.

Party-loyal Republigoats are part of a leviathan effort to drag the entire country as far to the political right as is possible. The Prez that some people are calling a liberal commie muslim extremist is in many ways actually fairly conservative. For instance, “Obama-care” is actually the plan Republigoats put on the table to counter what the Clintons wanted to do for health care. What we ended up with was, literally, a Republigoat plan. And yet today, Republigoats bleat on about how radical a plan it is? Argh!

Elsewhere in the world, it seems, conservatism has not caught this strange mutation virus. Thom Hartmann regularly recounts how he sat down with some of the most conservative European leaders he could find, and they looked at him like he was crazy when he asked them if they rejected their country’s national health care system. To a person, every one of those conservative leaders said they LOVED the national health care system and wouldn’t think of doing without it. Nope, it’s just our guys who think that nickel-and-diming people to death is the way to go.

Hey. Republigoats. I’m sorry. But you’re being led by a bunch of maniacs. You haven’t noticed?

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