When I was a teenybopper, I liked to go to see a local band play called “The Twist-Offs.” They used to hand out a tchotchkie that was a BOTTLE OPENER with their logo on it. Get it?

That’s what this whole thing with the McWeirdsmile “Obama Energy Plan” tire guages reminds me of. Only stupider.

In case you had not heard: Mr. Obama recently said that one thing Americans might do to help conserve fuel is to keep their tires properly inflated, and the McWeirdsmile campaign decided to dress it up in a sweater. He and his minions have been insisting that inflated tires are the bulk of Obama’s energy plan. To demonstrate this, the McWeirdsmile has created a tire gauge that says “Obama Energy Plan.” Get it?

Except. The thing is, you see, that, usually, when you hand a person a tire guage, you are suggesting to them that they might want to check the tire pressure on an automobile. Which is, sort of, no, wait, it’s exactly what Mr. Obama suggested. Aren’t you? If you hand someone a tire gauge, aren’t you saying, here, take this, and go over there and make sure that automobile over there has enough air in its tires? Aren’t you?

Conservagoats should NOT try to be funny.

By the way, if you want to look at Obama’s energy plan, it’s here. It’s pretty damned comprehensive.

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