A Fitting Address

I think the best adjective one can conjure for President Obama’s Oval Office address—in which he REALLY declared that combat operations are over, at least as really as can be—last night would be “fitting.” Or, perhaps, “appropriate.” I think it was those things. There are a lot of people on both “sides” who are not at all happy with the President’s words last night. This should surprise nobody.

Because there’s nothing, nothing what-so-ever, that can be said about Iraq that can make or that should make anyone feel any better about it.

The incursion into and eventual occupation of the sovereign, secular nation of Iraq was an abomination. From its initial scheming to its execution in March of 2003, to the disingenous celebrations of victory, such as the dragging of the Saddam statue and the disgusting cheerleading from the once credible news network CNN, to the macabre vision of the televised corpses of Uday and Qusay, to the denials of looting and the failures to prevent it and that aspect’s contribution to the pending insurgency, to the many bullshit justifications given for the war, to the horrific murders of contractors at Fallujah, to the insurgency, to the McCarthyesque insults upon Americans by the Secretary of Defense of the United States, to the failure to locate any manner of WMD, to the tossing around of packets of thousands of dollars like footballs with no accountabilty and the appointment of a “viceroy,” to the utterly failed free-market laboratory that was Iraq, yadda, yadda, yadda—this war was stupid.

It’s funny. Some conservagoats had the nerve to get on the TV and to bitch that President Obama hadn’t done enough in his words to thank President McCokespoon. Seriously? Thank him?

That man’s lucky he’s not pounding rocks in shackles.

Anyway. As I wrote. I think it was a fitting address. Mr. Obama gets to say that he’s kept his promise, although as will continue to be noted, we are likely to have a perpetual presence there, and we are still at war in Afghanistan. That war, by the way, was somewhat less stupid when it was initiated but has since become very stupid as well. My theory has always been that Obama’s commitment to Afghanistan was a necessary political calculation. I am hoping there will come a time soon when the notion that we can somehow “stop terrorism” via a forward-footed military stance will be exposed for the folly that it is.

Until then, I figure alls you can do is suck in a breath and thank goodness that John McWeirdsmile isn’t in there.

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