Nice Work, Judge

I have long predicted that this whole “gay marriage” brouhaha would someday end up in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. It has to, it just has to.

From what I’m reading, SCOTUS won’t have much to go on to flip this decision. This Vaughn Walker fellow really did his homework and created a decision that seems to fairly insurmountable. (No pun intended). Eugene Robinson breaks it down nicely in today’s The Washington Post.

What a banner day.

And, by the way. You’re going to hear a lot from conservagoats about how this is an example of the tyrannical court system going against the will of the people. Blah, blah, blah, it’s horseshit. Let’s recall what ACTUALLY happened, shall we? In sunny California, a court said, okay, you guys can get married. And so they DID. They showed up in droves in Sam Framcisco to wed. Then the Mormons came to town and funded a petition drive and got this Prop 8 thing on the ballot. It passed with a slim majority. So what happened was that the state extended a right to all of its citizens via the courts, then an election swapped that right away. That is not justice, folks. It’s disgusting. Kudos to this judge for setting that right.

One thought on “Nice Work, Judge”

  1. What cracked me up were the conservatives that insisted that the judge could not have been impartial because he was gay, as if they knew of some asexual judges that could try the case.

    Great pic btw

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