Worst Person In The World

Has Keith Olbermann ever nominated President George W. Bush to receive this high honor, whether for gold, silver, or bronze? If not, he should.

The Hill reports on an exchange between he and my new senator, Jim Webb. Webb, as you probably already know, will be the only member of the 110th Senate who has a kid in Iraq. Webb campaigned in his kid’s combat boots and made quite an issue of the Dirty Big War.

Bush, or as I like to call him, “Rude Vile Pig” (sorry, Elton), asked Webb how his son was doing. Webb replied that what he’d really like to see is his son come home. Bush reportedly said, I didn’t ask you that, I asked how’s he doing. The Hill says Webb has admitted that at that moment, he wanted to slug the Resident. I’m glad he didn’t. I need him in the Senate, not San Quentin. But I sure can understand the compulsion.

So I’ll be watching the Countdown tonight and hoping for Mr. Olbermann to remove whatever presidential exclusion he’s had until now. Bush has certainly deserved to be the WPITW probably at least half the nights since the feature’s been running. But if he doesn’t take it for this Webb thing, something’s just not right in the world.

On a sort-of related note, if you can listen to today’s Randi, please do. Randi’s got her Sarnac hat on today. While the press is just now coming to grips with the reality that the Dirty Big War is a “civil war,” she’s gone to the next step toward the real deal: It’s “ethnic cleansing.” Why was Cheney meeting with the Saudis? Because they’re Sunni, and they’re nervous about how their Sunni friends in Iraq are being treated. Der. 

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