Arkansas Runoff

Couple things.

First, a look at the primary vote should tell anyone that the swing vote was going to be the many people who voted for the very conservative third candidate, and they were likely to vote for Lincoln if they voted.  There were, 50,000 fewer votes in the runoff than in the primary, and Halter could have avoided the more conservative vote only if all those 50,000 voters were the same 42,000 who voted for the other guy.  So this shouldn’t be a surprise, regardless what the pungents say.

Second, a lot is being made of the Garland County vote suppression scam. I still think it’s voter suppression, and I still think that stinks, but Lincoln only trailed in the Garland county primary by 600 votes, and the conservative candidate got 1,800. Lincoln won the runoff with a 10,000 vote margin. Garland County couldn’t have given Halter an edge big enough to win in any case.

Third, Bill Clinton will have a hard time getting off my shit list for having supported Blanche.

One thought on “Arkansas Runoff”

  1. Agreed on all counts. And fourth, Lincoln took a LOT of dings in this whole adventure. She was a supposedly safe incumbent, a conservative Democrat in a conservative state. That there was a runoff at all is embarrassing for her. That Halter stole her union support should scare the pee out of her. And that the margin was four points, well, that’s hardly a ringing vote of confidence from the people of Arkansas. As for Clinton, hell, he invented DLC poltics. Of course that’s how he’s going to play it.

    But, one additional note: Lincoln was extremely successful at slapping Halter around regarding the Employee Free Choice Act. Halter did not have a yes-or-no answer to give on that topic, I reckon because it doesn’t fly in Little Rock but that he couldn’t piss on his union buddies. Smart politicking on the part of the Lincoln campaign. That “making your opponent appear to be a waffler somehow” trick often works wonders.

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