The Papa Bonk Plan

I only recently saw the T. Boone Pickins advertisement that has become the subject of so much comment. When I think of T Boone, I think of liar and scoundrel and billionaire. His most recent lie, of course, was his failure to pay off on the $1 million he promised to pay to anyone who could prove anything said by the Swift Boat crew, which he funded, was false. He refused to consider the substantial evidence that was offered by John Kerry and his many supporters who fought along side Kerry in Vietnam.

T. Boone has made millions in the takeover business. The way you do this is you get together enough stock in a company to have some clout, then you scare the company into selling to you or you force them into spending a lot of time and money fighting with you. If they sell to you, you sell off all their assets and walk away with the capital. If they don’t, you have jacked up the stock price and made money on the adventure. This is supposed to be good for companies.

I also remember T. Boone as being involved in some of the Texas savings and loan scandals that cost the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars back in the 1980s. Curiously I can’t now Google up much on the subject, even though I am fairly certain I am right about it. Can a rich person fog his past to the extent that Google can’t find it?

Anyway T. Boone Pickins is a liar and a scumball. What does that say about his “energy plan?” First a number of questions. Is there an actual plan, or is there just a TV commercial? Is there a comprehensive analysis provided by experts who studied this over time, or is this just something that was put together on a napkin after dinner at Outback? Does the grand plan include funding initiatives, conservation measures and all that is needed?

Second, why Pickins? A close friend and major contributor of that Moron George W. Busch, an oil man. Maybe this a case of only Nixon could go to China. Maybe only a lying scum ball oil buddy of that Moron could possibly sell the rest of the morons on what is an obvious and necessary path to energy independence.

Finally, what is new or unique about the “Pickins plan?” He wants us to adopt wind power initiatives and conserve and implement fuel alternatives. HELL. I HAVE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR YEARS!!! I can’t go to Florida without thinking about all the sunshine they are wasting by not putting solar cells on their rooftops. I can’t stand on the beach, wind blowing to shore, without wondering why they don’t put windmills out there. I drive down the highway and cringe about the gas we are wasting by mowing the fucking right of way!!! I think municipalities should be required to recapture the methane they generate in their sewage plants, large cattle, pig and chicken farmers should be required to do the same with their shit piles. The technology for doing this is ancient. In 1973, I wrote a feature story for the Lawrence Daily Journal World about a pig farm that syphoned methane out of its compost piles to run electrical generators that fueled the farm. I also wrote about a guy who built an electric car (a VW with a jet engine generator for a motor and a back seat full of 12 volt batteries) that he refueled each night with a windmill in his back yard.

I am fine with the Pickins Plan. Whatever it takes to get the morons to adopt a reasonable and sensible energy policy. I am just pissed off that it has taken so long. That’s because when you Speak Truth to Morons, they don’t listen.

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  1. What I love is all the car companies’ new ads touting fuel efficiency and “green” messages. Just a year ago, the message was “screw effieciency, you need a fast, big, jughead of a car.” Why does Amurka seem so utterly shocked at this? (Oooh, there’s that word again, “shock.”) We’ve faced the spector of requiring this resource from a hostile Arab world since at least Nov. 4, 1979, and really since at least October 1973.

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