Sestak's Deal With Obama: BFD

One of the more bullshit stories that has come out of the recent election is the “What did Obama offer Sestak?” saga.

The claim is that President Obama offered Rep. Sestak something real important if he would get out of the Pennsylvania senate race and leave the path open to Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat Arlen Specter. So maybe they offered him a Kingdom in South Jersey? That’s what the English kings used to do to Scottish Lairds who rebelled against the Crown. Make them Lords. Give them a title and an estate. Who knows?

We know what Obama promised Specter if he would switch parties and solidify the Democratic majority in the Senate. Be certain the President promised undying loyalty and support in the senatorial campaign. That probably did include some effort to get Sestak, a freshman Congressman, but not a dumb one, to stand down. Whatever Obama offered it was enough to convince Specter that the President was serious. Maybe Secretary of the Navy? Maybe a cabinet post?

Who cares? It is in the scope of Presidential powers to make appointments as he will (advise and consent aside). Sestak is a highly qualified public servant, 31years in the Navy, a retired admiral. He would be good at most stuff the President could appoint him to. Nothing wroing with trying.

If they are trying to make the case that it is big news that a politician gets offered a sweet deal to go away and leave the field to someone else, that’s nuts. The Kings of Engliand have done it and American Presidents have done it and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Politicians have been manipulating each other with pork chops since the beginning of time. What would be new about this?

One thought on “Sestak's Deal With Obama: BFD”

  1. What’s different about this? It’s a politician trying to eliminate his own party by insuring the election of someone who really supports the opposition. Obama is attempting to completely destroy the Democratic Party by cementing the power of the corporate wing of the party and alienating the voters.

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