No, Rand Paul Is Not Insane

Am just listening to Stephanie Miller read an e-mail that indicates in many creative ways that newly-minted Kentucky senatorial candidate Rand Paul is insane, following his interview on The Rachel Maddow Show last evening. That’s the scary thing, though. He’s not insane.

The interview was just aggravating. Paul knows he can’t come out and say that he thinks that private businesses ought to have the right to refuse service. So he goes all Fred Astaire on our dear Rachel. And, although listening to it causes the average American to present with a splitting headache, he is exceptional at it.

Let me say this. I believe Rand Paul when he says he abhors discrimination. I don’t think he’s a racist. If only. What Rand is, is clearly a product of the extreme Bizarro-Utopian Anarchist thinking that has gripped this country (and for which he may be named for).

Rand Paul is so blinded by his belief that ownership is morality that he can’t fathom that sometimes, the federal government has to be able to tell people and institutions, including privately owned businesses, where to step the hell off. And he’s so clouded up with “objectivism” that he can’t see the difference between denying service to People of Grander Melanin and denying service to people who are packing heat, and to top it off he somehow thinks that’s a great way to argue with Known Liberal Rachel Anne Maddow.

No, I don’t think Rand Paul is insane, not in the conventional sense. I just think he’s taken the suppository*.

*“…the jagged, horrid, rusty, poisonous suppository that is used to corrupt Republigoats, that travels from their ass through their entire bloodstream, leaving behind shards of poison and bad ideas, and ending up in the brain, where it severs the corpus collosum and implants the text of ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ poop, and the hallucination that Ann Coulter is hot.”

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