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Update: Hey. When I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

There were, as it stands, two bombs on television last evening: Jay Leno at the nerdprom—also known as the White House Correspondents’ Dinner—and an actual bomb in Central Park.

It was heartening to know that my initial reaction to Jay Leno’s schtick was the general consensus, that Leno was anything but actually FUNNY. Even President Obama wasn’t bothering after a while to even fake-laugh. Leno isn’t funny, and his nerdprom performance last evening cemented this amateur pundit’s position with team coco. Besides. We red-beards gotta stick together.

Regarding that other bomb: There are reports tonight that A) Some fakakta Muslim terrorism organization took credit for it, and that B) After they stopped laughing at that, authorities began investigating the possibility that a white dude seen on camera running away from the vehicle might have actually been the culprit.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I said from the moment this thing was reported that this wouldn’t be some Muslim extremist outfit, but instead that it’d be some cracker with a crew-cut. Nosiree…what we sawl in New York—and maybe in Pittsburgh, too—I almost guarantee you that we’ve just seen the first bombing attempts by people in this country who are energized by the tea party poopers.

And our guys had better find them.

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