Presidential Style, Historic Accomplishments, and Gravitas

President Barack Hussein Obama has been in office a year and months now, and having suffered with him through the health care fight, and now watching the man visibly, nearly viscerally, and certainly adroitly, grow into this complicated role, now, that’s really something to behold.

I’m thinking of course about the nuclear summit and the photo collage on this morning’s Washington Post and Shitty Corporate Mouthpiece of the man shaking hands with many world leaders, at an event that has been the largest gathering of world leaders in one place in decades and decades, an event forged by Mr. Obama’s sheer will, by his own gravitas, and by his undeniably wealthy background on the issue at hand.

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As was stated by this amateur pundit in the heat of the 2008 primary, Obama’s keen interest and tireless work on the issue of loose nukes was an aspect that made him a well-tuned candidate for the job. And so this week, he’s hit a new stride, opening this leviathan conference with the announcement of a stunning success, that of a non-nuclear Ukraine. I know that Limbaugh and Beck and everyone of them in between will do their best to either deny President Obama credit for sealing the deal or to convert non-proliferation efforts into a loser for Obama. But we know better. Even Ron Raygun professed to know better. “No nukes” isn’t just a picket sign. It’s a good idea, an especially good idea when you have rogue tribes who would gladly snap the stuff up and kill us with it.

Today I think that with this conference, President Obama has already cemented his legacy, but then, we thought he’d done that with health care reform. Let’s just say that I do not think “legacy” is going to be a problem for this president.

And now, he’s got some more legacy building to do, what with second U.S. Justice seat to fill. I’d fancifully tossed out the name of Ron Kuby, of course, and I still think the ideer has some merits. But if I were advising this man on this issue today, I would want to make sure to tell him that whatever guy or gal you put in that hot seat, he or she is going to have to be awesome. Get someone with the gravitas of a moon, someone whose presence of personality and character will make the hearing room expand and will make every person in the audience swear they hear bugles playing somewhere. Place someone there who is undeniable, a steady, unstoppable force straight to the big white steps. I wish I knew the name of the candidate I’m describing here, but he or she should definitely have been born under a red sun, or better yet, let’s just resurrect Warren Burger. Such a candidate, and such a decisive success as a wallop on this nomination, that would mean political dividends for Obama, but would also perhaps clean up some of the nonsense that surrounds the SCOTUS nomination process post-Bork post-Thomas.

Get this nomination perfect, that’s my advice. Perfect. Get an overwhelming success here to emphasize all the other lovely successes. That’s how ya do it.

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