Creigh Deeds Waxes Philosophical…and Wrong

The Washington Post and Shitty Corporate Mouthpiece today offered a weird little profile about failed gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds. The profile says that Deeds has since kept his head low, has kept generally quiet aside from being laughed at by Stephen Colbert, that he’s been “down in the dumps” regarding his loss, and that Deeds has opened up his pie-hole and has wholly swallowed the conventional wisdom regarding his loss here in sunny Virginia.

Outside events, such as Scott Brown’s stunning Senate upset in Massachusetts, lent credence to the view that Deeds’s loss owed something to a powerful change in the nation’s political atmosphere.

“I don’t think Jesus Christ could have won that race in Virginia if he had been a Democrat,” said Robert J. Taylor, a lawyer in Delaware who attended college with Deeds. But Taylor said that when he thinks of Deeds, he thinks of a Hank Williams Jr. song: “A Country Boy Can Survive.”

This is of course incorrect. Had a Democrat run in Virginia as a Democrat, he would have had a real shot. Deeds ran as a Republigoat-Lite.

Look, we can sit here and quote Harry Truman until we’re blue in the face. That doesn’t mean anyone’s going to actually listen:

If a voter has a choice between a Republican and a Democrat who acts like a Republican, he’ll vote for the Republican every time.

This is especially true today, when the GOOP has chosen to turn its back on true conservatism to instead suck the knee-high leather boot of corporate globalism. I still say a real Democrat could have soundly capitalized on the Obama-mentum that was Virginia 2008.

We also learned that Creigh Deeds is one of those people who does not actually understand what the phrase “sour grapes” actually means.

Nearing the session’s midpoint, Deeds gave his first floor speech, denouncing efforts to block the federal health-care law in Virginia. Deeds said he had his reasons for holding his tongue earlier.

“It’d be too easy for me to be slamming the governor,” Deeds said. “People would just say, ‘Oh, well. It’s Deeds. It’s sour grapes.’ “

No, you fucktard. “Sour grapes” would have been saying “Screw it, I didn’t want to be governor anyway.” I really wish people would take the time to actually understand the English language before they go about attempting to use it.

I’m sorry, but Scott Brown and Bob McDonnell didn’t win because of some national sea change politically. They lost because in both races the Democrats ran shitty, suck-ass candidates. Run a good Democrat who’s serious about winning and you’ll have Republigoats stumping with brown stains on their trousers.

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