Maureen's Brother's Crap Stinks

Maureen Dowd recently turned over her column to her seriously Catholic brother to discuss pedophilia in the church and for the most part he was honest and sincere. But you can’t let a true conservative loose in mind space without risking the spread of further true billshit.

I refer here to Sr. Dowd’s reliance on a claim by a writer named Michael Rose that the liberalization of Church rules caused by Vatican II (remember when they switched to prayer in English so people would know what was going on?) let a bunch of homosexuals in the church and that’s how we got this pedophile mess. This is bullshit on so many levels it is hard to name them all.

First there is the baseless assumption that all homosexuals are pedophiles. An unproven and insidious lie. Few homosexuals are pedophiles AND not all pedophiles are homosexual. Here is some actual research, maybe it will help.

And while there is no reasonable connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, the history of homosexuality in the Church dates back centuries and certainly predates 1962.  The fact is the Church has always been a safe haven for gay men who found that it was easier to be a priest than meet community expectations that they marry.

The dumbest part of this massive lie is that anyone with a calendar can figure out that there had to be plenty of child molesters already active in the church BEFORE Vatican II even happened. The Irish mess goes back at least 50 years. Many cases in the US go back that far. There were pedophiles in my school in 1958. Vatican II was convened in 1962.

The function of this lie is convenient to the Conservative movement generally and conservative Catholics in particular. Political conservatives have been using gay bashing as a political wedge for 10 years or more. Conservative Catholics are tying gays to pedophilia to blame the Church’s moral rot on a minority group rather than take the blame on the Church. They also find it a convenient tool to use in their ongoing (and largely successful) effort to bury Vatican II.

I don’t like Maureen Dowd.  I think she is shrill and annoying.  I don’t expect her to correct her brothers’ bullshit. But I would like to see a rule that a newspaper should be required to footnote, with true facts, every pile of crap that it prints.

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