I may have stumbled upon a good way to counter conservative hysteria over the passage yesterday of health care reform.

An old pal of mine with whom I now keep up via Facedbook had posted something about waking up this morning in a “socialist republic.”

I try to be demure about political discussions on Facedbook, though sometimes it’s like Odysseus at Scylla. With this one, the damned ropes snapped. The response just rang in my head and my fingers were typing and there it was. “You’re a cool guy and all. But that is nonsense.”

Calling out the nonsense for what it is? Is that perhaps a better response than pointing out the facts that the bill what passed has no way and no how anything to do with involving the federal government in the health care sector, aside from a little bit of regulatin’?

Is it better to just label it for what it is than to explain?


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