Received today in the GMail, emphasis theirs:

Mark Warner is only a freshman Senator, but according to a prominent Capitol Hill publication, he’s already becoming known as “a powerful player in Congress.” This morning, the Hill highlighted some of things Senator Warner has accomplished in his first term, and I wanted to make sure you had a chance to read the article.

Among other things, the Hill noted that Senator Warner scored “a rare and significant bipartisan victory” when he led a group a freshmen in securing the adoption of “a package of amendments to contain costs, encourage innovation and promote accountability across the healthcare system.”

Senator Warner has also “won rave reviews from business leaders” – and even Republicans. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), who has worked closely with Warner on Wall Street reform, called him “the best partner anybody could possibly imagine.”

Why do Democrats think that approval from Republigoats is a good thing? Why do they consider it enough of a benefit to put it in a fund raising e-mail soliciting Democrats for munny? Did they think I would go “Cool! Republigoats like him! Where’s my checkbook?”

Can you imagine the Republigoat e-mail that says “Even Democrats love Mitch McConnell!” In a million years, can ya?

Sorry ForwardTogetherPAC. I’ll pass. Ya’ll still don’t get it.

One thought on “Question”

  1. You might suggest that they rename their PAC Backward Together. There are no bipartisan ways to go forward together, so either we go forward separately or we fall backward together. It’s time to move the allegedly progressive PACs and lobbyists outside the Beltway so they will quit drinking the establishment Kool-Aid.

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