Who said that?

The following, in its entirety, is from today’s Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.  I suspect its the first time in a hundred years there has been a real D in D&C.  Thumbs Up, DnC!!

McCain’s Latest Flipflop
It was inevitable that the tired, racially divisive debate over affirmative action would be trotted out in this year’s presidential campaign. And as could be expected, longtime affirmative action foe Ward Connerly is again striking matches beneath the combustible issue.

To some surprise, Republican John McCain is helping to light this fire. Unlike 10 years ago, when he opposed an anti-affirmative action proposal in the Senate, McCain’s now supporting Connerly’s initiative on the Arizona ballot in November.

No doubt, McCain is trying to exploit the misguided belief by some that affirmative action represents reverse discrimination. They wrongly insist that affirmative action establishes a quota system.

The reality, however, is that simply is wrong and McCain knows it. Affirmative action acknowledges hardships faced by people of color. For example, employers in seeking to fill a job may make special efforts to ensure that people of color are in the pool of applicants and are given serious consideration for the post.

People like Connerly, a staunchly conservative African American who has made fighting affirmative action a life mission, know well the ramifications of their crusade. In Washington state, California and Michigan, similar initiatives were adopted by wide margins after stirring white anger.

Even more is at play. The initiative will also be on the ballots in Arizona and Colorado, both key states that could go blue or to the Democrats’ side of the ledger. By energizing conservatives with the ballot initiative, McCain’s campaign stands to benefit greatly.

It’s a dastardly political trick. Rather than offering new ways to fix an old, perplexing problem that seems to only surface during election years, McCain chose to be politically expedient. Why can’t voters see that?

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