R.I.P. Jack

I have an uncle who is a die-hard, and I mean die-hard, active Republigoat in Jack Murtha’s district.

But he’d always put Murtha signs out. To the point that he had to tell his local party leaders to go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks when they gave him crap for it.

I think that says what needs said about Congressman John Patrick “Jack” Murtha, Jr., who died today. I think that said uncle identified with him as a fellow Marine and as a fellow bona fide Johnstown-area dude. I think he also knew that Murtha represented his district regardless of what capital consonant came after his name.

You’ll hear from Murtha’s detractors today, about ABSCAM, about some airport, they’ll say he was corrupt and what the hell ever else. But I know that Murtha only came up on my radar after he became a genuine military voice that called tons of shenanigans on Gorge Dubya Boosh’s Dirty Big War. I don’t care what else the man did or didn’t otherwise. He did that. His voice among a few others affected a real horizon change on Iraq. For that and for his service, Murtha was a true American hero.

God bless you, Congressman Murtha.

One thought on “R.I.P. Jack”

  1. Brady, I have actually had the honor of meeting Jack Murtha on more than one occasion. He was a truly nice man. His passing is a loss to not only all Pennsylvanians but also all Americans. He will be missed.

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