Wrong Wrong Wrong and Wrong Again

A liberal blogger such as myself would not have a complete day without embedding this video of Rachel Maddow, who is, really, the best damned thing on television this side of Battlestacked Galactica, debunking the hell out of Sen. Susan M. Collins, who is no relation to Sophie B. Hawkins.

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This country has lost its damned mind. When a United States Senator can stand in front of a television camera and just say such egregiously wrong things, I mean…come ON New England! Ya’ll have GOT to send us somebody who isn’t…you know…THIS.

Well. We here at the imaginary think tank that is the Serious Poo-Poo Institute of Technology (SPIT) are just looking for a couple of stupid lawmakers to work hard against in the mid-terms. Sen. Collins just came up on the radar.

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