Let the Disaster Begin

I am thinking through the arguments about why we should support the health care bill that the Senate is about to approve.

If it’s killed Democrats will get the blame, GOOPers will win the 2010 election and incompetence will reign again. Many significant Obama initiatives will be totally governed by the GOOP, these include infrastructure and climate change initiatives. It could also affect future appointments to the Supreme Court.  Sarah Palin will be President in 2012.

If it’s not killed, the Democratic Party has an improved chance of maintaining control over Congress and our opportunities for change significantly improve. …. Really?

The fact is the Democratic Congress has done nothing progressive with its “massive” majority. In fact there is no Democratic majority.   At least two and possibly more, depending on the issue, members of the Democratic Caucus are not Democrats.  (Joe Lieberman and Benny Nelson).  There are only a handful of progressives in the bunch.  The Majority Leader is a weak-kneed, right- center Mormon.  The Speaker of the House is a Botoxicated  dingbat.

Nothing in the record of this Congress speaks to any success for progressive politics. We have swept the crimes of the Busch thugs under the table, we have appointed an ivy league Catholic centrist to the Supreme Court. We have failed to undertake even the most basic civil rights reforms for the GLBT community (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell).  Would we do worse with a GOOP Congress?

If the health care bill passes, centrists can say they made a change where no change has been made.   Some small improvements will be made for some people and everyone else will be told to sit down and shut up. The insurance companies will get richer and more powerful.

If the bill does not pass, the system will continue to collapse. The number if uninsured will grow. The number of people who go bankrupt because of medical costs will escalate. People who now oppose change may learn to embrace it. There may be, as President Obama has promised, a disaster in health care. Good. Maybe it will lead to change.

4 thoughts on “Let the Disaster Begin”

  1. I never expected anything but a flawed bill to emerge from the dysfunctional American Congress. I am disappointed, but then, when it comes to government I always experience some level of disappointment.
    This is a start, it is a breakthrough and there is no turning back.
    It would be unrealistic not to support the passage of the bill.

    Frankly, I am very heartened to see some kind of backbone evolving…
    We actually have a few members of congress now who can stand up and serve the Republicans their own shit, refried on a platter with a nice side of
    ironic humor….
    Without that, we remain a country held hostage by “conservative outrage”.

  2. Mr. Hartmann today offered a theory as to why single-payer was so immediately thrashed at the start of the process—because they couldn’t afford to allow CBO to mark it up and have people see how friggin’ good it would be. Just a thought.

  3. You make valid arguments to both sides of the spectrum but regardless of how this works out, in 2012, I can already see the campaign ads that show low income women giving testimonials about how they were promised healthcare and Obama’s administration gave us either nothing or not enough. Sadly, the people paying for those ads are the ones who just made that woman invisible in the first place. Merry F’ing Christmas, America.

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