Roni Deutch Makes My Head Hurt

Thom Hartmann had Roni Deutch on the air and proceeded to tear her a new orafice. She was defending McCain’s tax policy versus Obama’s. And it is solidly clear that these people cannot get a few essential logics into their skulls.

  1. Things are bad.
  2. Republigoats have had most of the power now for about 30 years and certainly for nearly the last decade.
  3. It might perhaps be time to try things our way for awhile.
  4. Barack Obama is not the President yet. The person who has been President is George W. Bush, who has drastically lowered taxes on the wealthy and who has tolerated insane trade practices that do nothing to protect American markets. Again, I emphasize. Barack Obama is not the President yet. Deutch does not seem to know this.

Go ahead and listen. But keep some Advil handy.

One thought on “Roni Deutch Makes My Head Hurt”

  1. Hartmann is right. We are a third world debtor nation now. Income tax was originally set up for corporations, not the working class. We finance their high life while we sink lower and lower into a mass of debt. If McCain becomes president this is only going to get worse. Big oil, the defense industry, and big corps will enrich themselves even more so than they have already done, while we the working class will continue to sink. When Clinton was president we had trillions in surplus, and now we are trillions in debt. McCain’s (or any rethuglican’s) ideas of economics are so twisted it’s unreal. That woman Roni Deutch is insane, and so are her views. Not only that but, now I definitely need some advil. Her voice is so whiny. I have a headache now.

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