Zappadan: Day Zero

Today is the last day of Zappadan—Frank Zappa’s birthday, and, coincidentally, that of my little brother—who is now taller than me and is teaching himself to RTFO on the guitar—as well. Happy birthday, man.

Over Turkey Day, brother asked me the same question I asked early on about Zappa as we lounged to Lumpy Gravy, which was man, he must have done a lot of drugs, right? It is an easy, and utterly incorrect, assumption to make regarding Frank Zappa. Ringo “Larry the Dwarf” Starr summed up the answer to this most adroitly: “Probably one of the straightest men I’ve ever met.”

Zappadan 2009 has been an incredible event for me. I discovered Zappadan in its midst last year and so didn’t feel like I’d been able to really give the blogswarm its due. I spent the next year saving up bits and pieces for 2009. I started @zappadan and built an audience (up to 256 from 209 on Dec. 4—thanks!).

It’s been awesome. I have gotten to listen, watch, and read quite a lot, and I’ve gotten to enjoy work of many of talented bloggers. I learned a lot about Frank Zappa. Which is, for me, why one does a crazy nerdy thing like this. To learn.

Thanks primarily to Mark Hoback at Fried-Green al-Qaedas. As I’ve written to him, this is one of those amazing ideas that makes one do a Yahtzee face and say, why the hell didn’t I think of that? (Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the Snuggie™.) But I’m glad Mark did, and I’m glad for the sharing, creative, cool spirit of it. I intend to keep the Zappadan blogroll through the next. If you did some Z-Dan blogging and I missed you, please leave a comment.

To steal a literary device from late-night talk show host Craig Ferguson: So, what have we learned?

We learned too much to list it all. Zappa fans are rabid mothers, there’s no doubt about that. And give a bunch of them blogs? Oh, they go crazy. They…oh, I wish there were a phrase that would describe this…they…they…they…

Oh, yes. They freak out.

I wonder if our efforts here would tickle Frank himself or if he’d just be annoyed. Likely, he’d probably just shrug and sit back down at his Synclavier and create something wonderful. Again.

We miss you, Frank Zappa. Happy birthday.

Merry Zappadan.

10 thoughts on “Zappadan: Day Zero”

  1. Happy Zappadan, Brady. It would have been much less without your excellent work!! Just one note… My Irish grandmother always called Halloween (All Hallows Eve) Holleve. I recommend Zappadeve for the Eve of Zappadan.

  2. Bravo, Brady, and may St Alfonzo bless and keep ya.

    Alas, no one posted Dynamo Hum!. Perhaps next year, assuming most of us survive, someone will offer a cutting-edge postmodernist analysis of the lyrical
    content—- “When Mr. Zappa intones “apply rotation on her sugar plum” he thereby suggests how the oppressive capitalist technocracy converts erotic joissance into another cheap, porno-commodity…”

  3. I wish us all a strictly genteel finale to this years extra greasy Zappadan!
    Thanks, Brady, for keeping us all connected…
    I want to thank Frank for the day back in 1965 that I realized that I wasn’t just different, I was a Fucking Freak!

  4. Ah, Frank. I’m still mad at you for dying.

    Nice job on the blog, and tweets’n’stuff. There’s such a richness to Frank’s body of work that it keeps unfolding in musical goodness. Share the wealth.

    Happy Zappadan.

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