Rudy Can Fail

Just in case anyone needed a reminder, THIS is what Rudy Giuliani’s run for the presidency looked like:

Remember. Rudy was in the start considered to be as inevitable as was Tweety Monster for the Democrats. Then Bernie Kerik was indicted on 16 counts. And rumors swirled that he had used city resources to bone his mistress. So he retreated to Florida and embarked on the least successful presidential bid since some genius stuffed Dukakis into a tank cab.

So yesterday, this idiot is on the TV machine spouting the Republigoat line on the “war” on “terror.” He says my man Obama has a “Sept. 10 mentality” regarding the problem. He weirdly criticized the U.S.’ failure to react to the USS Cole incident—which happened on The Current President’s watch, by the way—and the reaction to the 1993 WTC bombing (which netted four actual CONVICTIONS).

Why, when his “noun-verb-9/11” approach failed to net the invevitable Rudy his nomination, why are they dragging this asshole out now to be a surrogate?

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