Brainless, Careless Fear-Mongerers

On Oct. 15, 1962, United States reconnaissance photos revealed missile bases being constructed 90 miles off the nation’s southernmost tip, in Cuba. Two weeks later, President Kennedy and UN Sectretary-General Thant reached an agreement with the USSR to dismantle. But the spectre of enemy missiles in our own neighborhood has peppered the American conciousness ever since.

Which is why it is so utterly stunning that the Current Vice President and all kinds of other right-wing idiots have been so utterly careless as to continue repeating the lie about China drilling off of our coast via Cuba. The lie has been so often repeated that Sen. Mel Martinez, a Republigoat from Florida, had to take to the Senate floor to debunk it. No matter what party Martinez is with, he still has to represent his folks, many of whom might just freak out about commies conducting operations in and around the Florida. Even the Dickster had to recant, so it must have been one hell of a lie. And yet. As recently as yesterday, it was repeated by Republigoat henchwoman Mary Matalin.

These people should no longer be allowed on television, let alone in our government.

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